At Quay North Urban Development, property development is at the heart of what we do, and we integrate our unique and specialized experience into all our projects. Our properties provide community enhancement through thoughtful design and a focus on placemaking. We work with stakeholders, such as municipalities or master developers, to incorporate these important elements into their community plans, developments, or programming and communications strategies.


We have substantial experience partnering with government entities or agencies as an equity partner for the development or management of real estate projects; or administering consulting or programming services.

Our close attention to the needs of a project, and our willingness to structure deals in ways that ensure mutual benefit, sets the foundation for meaningful collaborations. Our approach to these public-private partnerships also ensures our properties and the businesses we host will be woven into the cultural and economic fabrics of the neighborhoods in which we operate.


Through strategic partnership with Master Developers that share a vision and vested interest in a subject property, we have the ability to accommodate any level of desired involvement and can tailor our involvement in a project based on the specific needs of the developer, while capitalizing on QNU’s unique experience with public markets and food halls and mixed-use commercial properties.



We have had considerable success developing and operating properties under land and master leases. This structure has proven to be especially successful in allowing government agencies to realize a vision and full potential of their land while retaining ownership. It also enables them to entrust the ongoing management and operations of the property to an entity which specializes in this area.


We have successfully developed and operated numerous properties through private land ownership and development. In addition to structures outlined above, QNU can also consider proceeding with the project as the sole development stakeholder through private financing.