Quay North Urban Development is a property development company with over 40 years’ experience in the real estate industry, specializing in placemaking, and destination properties and adventures. Our team manages our privately owned assets, and provides consulting services to clients and partners to achieve unique real estate goals.

Our diverse history is rooted in international land development and asset management, with a focus on recreational and entertainment properties and tourist destinations. Today that history provides the foundation for the vision behind each of our projects, and the innovation we bring to our clients and partners.

In over 40 years of business the following list highlights our past business portfolio.

  • Commercial property design, construction and management
  • Resort development, management and revitalization
  • Coliseum and venue design, construction and management
  • Recreational residential community development
  • Luxury residential property development and management
  • Public realm design, development and
  • Entertainment booking for regional attractions internationally
  • Ownership and management of professional sport franchises
  • Restaurant and night club design, construction and management
  • Event planning and public relations management
  • Commercial and retail property management
  • Adventure sport operations


Employing a true entrepreneurial spirit at every level of our organization, our team can create value in almost any real estate venture, and is always looking for new opportunity. Quay North Urban Development has teams dedicated to the following areas.


  • Commercial property management
  • Resort and adventure sport operations
  • Retail market operations and programming
  • Placemaking and site activation
  • Event planning and execution, and venue rentals
  • Marketing, communications & PR
  • Mixed-use property development
  • Client relations and consulting services


Quay North Urban Development is led by career entrepreneur Gary Mathiesen, as CEO. Gary’s extensive list of past business ventures cross a wide breadth of industries and nations, and provide a lifetime of experience that he draws on as the company continues to evolve.

With a background in business administration, Taylor Mathiesen holds the position of President, and is steering the company as it enters another phase of growth, after having worked under Gary’s leadership for almost two decades.

Gary and his son Taylor together share a clear vision for the future of the Company, which will increasingly focus on meaningful real estate developments and placemaking projects, as they continue to build an exciting and dynamic portfolio that matches their shared enthusiasm for business, and life.

To learn more about the Mathiesens, and to meet the rest of our team, click here.